Social Entrepreneurship Book

Social Entrepreneurship for Development

A business model 
by Margaret Brindle, Light Years IP, USA and Ron Layton,
Light Years IP, USA

About the Book 
This book presents a fresh approach to poverty alleviation
by bridging the fields of international development and
social entrepreneurship. The authors present a six-step
model for developing an IP business positioning strategy
that allows developing country producers to position
themselves better as owners of retail brands in foreign
market countries.

TABLE OF CONTENTS: Foreword (Lord Paul Boateng)

Introduction: The Power to Change: Mastering a Method

1. The Power of Scale and Positioning

2. Changing the Power: Begin with the End in Mind

3. The Power of the Method: A Six-Step Method for Intellectual Property Business Positioning

4. The Power of Distinctive Products and the Ugandan Vanilla Case Study

5. The Power of Intellectual Property Tools

6. The Power of Support, Advocacy, Education and Enforcement

7. The Power of the Brand: The Maasai Intellectual Property Case Study: Intangible Value and Wealth Generation

8. The Power of Women’s Owned IP Businesses: WONS of Uganda and South Sudan

9. The Power of the Historical Record: Intellectual Property Business is Not New!

10. The Power of International Development: Historical Trends and Challenges

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