Entrepreneurship Business Education for Africans

Improving Income to African Producers:

How can poor farmers and producers go from 1-3% returns for their distinctive products to 40-50% returns?

Light Years IP Education Model

Under a $1.2m education grant, we have created a step by step curriculum for teaching entrepreneurial business on a global scale.Our workbooks and training are comprehensive as ½ way is never good enough to succeed.It involves:

IP Business 101:

  • Entrepreneurial business for farmers and producers
  • Distinctive Product Analysis: How to recognize a distinctive product that can earn up to $100million more. How to differentiate good from superior products with intangible value.
  • Ownership of Brands and why a brand is not enough
  • Use of IP Tools such as Licensing, Trademarks and other means
  • The Ethiopian Coffee Success Story: How $100million more income was earned by Ethiopian coffee farmers.
  • The Maasai IP ownership: How 2 million Maasai are regaining ownership of their valuable brand for sustainable income.

IP Business 202

  • Business Plan Fundamentals for Success
  • Designing Import Companies: How to design an import company for more control of supply chains.
  • Marketing in high-end markets
  • Support and Advocacy Networks: The African IP Trust (www.africaniptrust.org)
  • Women’s Shea Butter Case Study:  Transforming a low-priced but distinctive product into a high end brand retailing at $1,000/kilo rather than $1.00/kilo.

IP Business 303:  Training the Trainers

This series provides training materials to enable African producers to train others with exercises and visuals.  It is built on the premise that African farmers and producers are natural business people, entrepreneurs and these materials build on their talents with additional skills to reach western markets.

  • IP Business in Power Points, Visuals and Exercises
  • IP Business for Shea Producers
  • IP Business for the Maasai in Maa and Swahili
  • IP Business Trainers Exercises

Other Training Materials:

Light Years IP has designed a 6 week on-line course for leaders.  The syllabus is available upon request from info@lightyearsip.net

A new course is set to begin:

  • October 15, 2015
  • January 15, 2016
  • April 15, 2016

Cost: $US 150.00

Includes All workbooks and training materials.

Taught by: Meg Brindle, PhD, 20 year educator from Carnegie Mellon and George Mason Universities, and Light Years IP Director of Education.